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At any rate, there are more solid elements than bad ones present here, making this a good DVD to throw on if you want to show someone that Hong Kong cinema isn't all dual-fisted pistols and flying kung fu kicks. Wong Tin-lam and Lam Suet as members of Tokyo's Chinese diaspora enliven the diet-themed comedy scenes with their distasteful weight-loss tips.

Love on a Diet still falls prey to its' share of schmaltz, with hacky elements like not one, but two, musical montages backed by sappy Cantopop songs -- because, of course, both Andy and Sammi had to get a single into the soundtrack.

Sammi released 3 full-length studio albums prior to leaving school: Mini mendapatkan kembali melihat mantan ramping dan cantik. She returned to entertain at the age of 34, and invited fellow star Andy Lau and Denise Ho to perform with her. Dia selanjutnya langsung mendaftar Mini pada program penurunan berat badan yang mahal, yang terbukti sangat sukses.

Sammi Cheng

In conjunction with her 30th anniversary in the entertainment industry, she will be organizing her 10th concert world tour, beginning with 13 shows at Hong Kong's Coliseum on July Due to the huge demand for tickets, the four performances was expanded to eight.

Lau is a particular standout, displaying a curiously endearing yet smug charm through masses of body make-up while Cheng follows the script's more frenzied moments with gusto.

Her 'Touch Mi' World Tour concluded in Hong Kong with another 8 shows in Septemberhence bringing her total number of shows for this world tour to Soon the ex-boyfriend announces on radio that Mini is his one true love and that he needs to see her within a few months.

Directors Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai smartly, for the most part, let the actors do the heavy lifitng by creating characters through their performances that generate interest for the audience.

Cheng at the time was still in school, and had to balance her studies with her rising singing career. After trying desperate means of losing weight such as swallowing tapeworms and exercising to Dance Dance RevolutionMini finally sheds pounds.

When Sammi turned to her sister for help, her sister came up with the name "Twiny". Untuk mendapatkan cukup untuk membiayai program penurunan berat badan Mini, ia membuka sebuah pertunjukan tinju di jalanan yang caranya adalah setiap orang boleh memukul nya untuk melampiaskan frustrasi atau dendam orang — orang tersebut dan Si Gendut dibayar yen untuk 2 menit.

Sammi in Taiwan and China. She went on to win the top female award again in But Fatso finds his funds running low.

Love on a Diet

Cheng received her education at SKH St. When Sammi returned to Hong Kong, she and Leung were invited to a radio program to talk about the experience; she responded by announcing she had "adopted" 24 children.

The concert was expanded to the Show Mi Tour.Hong Kong's two most bankable stars dress in fat suits for LOVE ON A DIET in an upbeat tale of dignity regained.

The location is Japan, where Hong Kong expat Mini Mo has surrendered to binge eating after breaking up with her handsome pianist boyfriend Tatsuya. Awards: Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Original Film Song Love on a Diet Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards – Best Actress Wu yen Asian Film Awards –.

Contribute information about this film  No enough votes. Top movies: I haven't voted yet. Love on a Diet (Chinese: 瘦身男女) is a Hong Kong romantic comedy film produced and directed by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai, starring Andy Lau and Sammi festival-decazeville.comng: Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng.

Two of Hong Kong's most popular actors, Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng, team up and strap on fat suits in Love on a Diet, a somewhat unconventional take on your usual romantic comedy that doesn't totally transcend the usual pitfalls of the genre, but gets enough mileage out of the charisma of its' stars to make it enjoyable to sit through, even if.

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